Ocean Friendly Sunblock
Ocean Friendly Sunblock Ocean Friendly Sunblock

This eco-friendly sunblock helps protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays while you’re out in the water.  Ocean Friendly Sunblock does not sting your eyes and does not contribute to reef die-off. 

The rich Shea butter and Coconut oil serve to moisturise your skin, whilst the Beeswax makes this sunblock water resistant. Annatto, the seed pod after which the company was named also serves to protect your skin from the sun and gives this sunblock a nice glow

This sunblock can also serve as a superb concealer.

  • Beige/Nude tint
  • Use coconut oil or other oil to remove sunblock after use.
  • Water resistant for 90 min + 
  • Approx SPF: 50
  • 85 grams