cutty shark

I was born with a deep-rooted appreciation for the wilderness and I have come to revere its awesome power as my nourishment. The ocean has had the greatest impact on my life, and constantly influences my artistic expression.  Through my prints and sculptures I try to depict the mysticism of the Great Oceans and also, to pay homage to those who live in close contact with the wild. I admire the greatest of explorers, fishermen, hoboes and all who continue to survive on the edge of the natural world. I utilize an old-world aesthetic because I believe where there was once an abundance of craftsmanship there is now an excess of disposable goods. I aim to rekindle a common appreciation for the wilderness and the oceans along with those living among the elements. 

Lucas Elmer is a multi-media printmaker and sculptor as well as an avid waterman. He builds his content from the folklore and reverence surrounding romantic and rugged lifestyles that he appreciates both first hand and from afar. Lucas lives in Santa Cruz, California where, after receiving his BA in Fine Arts at the University of California Santa Cruz, he continues to hone his craft.

5-9pm Friday June 7th

Stripe MEN 117 Walnut Ave.