stripe men bar party

Summer is right around the corner, how prepared is your bar? Here are a few of our entertaining essentials to be sure you're stocked and ready to go for any impromptu Summer evening cocktails! Mix your creations in style, this metal Izola "Shake Rattle & Roll" shaker is a clever take on a classic, $36. From the devoted designers at Teroforma come the attractive and funtional Ekke shot glasses ($40)  and soapstone Whiskey Stones ($20). Sophisticated and sleek, a set of  non-pourous soapstone shot glasses in the Ekke series use the same principle as Teroforma's Whiskey Stones using natural materials to keep your liquids chilled. For a great taste, crush up fresh farmer's market ingredients like raspberries and basil using these old fashioned wooden muddlers, $16. So this Summer when you're sitting back to relax enjoy your cocktails in style with our favorite bar wares from Stripe MEN.


"Rasberry Basil Smash"


1 1⁄2 oz. Whiskey

5-8 raspberries

1⁄3 oz. simple syrup

3-4 basil leaves

1⁄4 oz. lemon juice


Press raspberries and basil at base of shaker. Add all ingredients, shake and single strain over crushed ice.


Serve in a tumbler or tall glass on the rocks with basil sprig and raspberries.