Rain Jordan resides and works in the Monterey Bay Area. She holds a BA and an MFA from the California State University system and specializes in textured acrylics and mixed media abstracts.  Always innovative, Rain Jordan is the originator of the style displayed here, geometric abstract impressionism.

Rain's paintings present unique, abstract impressions of nature--seascapes, landscapes, beachscapes, waves, et cetera--or of human life as a part of nature. Perhaps because of her obsession with the importance of home, and/or perhaps because of her work as a Realtor, Rain's nature-centered paintings often include hints of homelike or other human-made structures as part of her scenes, but in unusual ways, and always focused first on nature.

Rain's works have been shown in Perth, Australia, in Laguna Beach at LagunaArts, at SC41 in Santa Cruz County, and are in various private collections throughout the world, including New York, California, and Australia.


April 5th from 5-9 pm

107 Walnut Ave.