I have been living in the Santa Cruz, California  region for over 20 years now. Although not born here, this is my hometown, will always be my hometown. Growing up, I’d spend time now and then with family living in this area. After school, I moved here for a few months, and the connection was made. This became my refuge, the place I would always be going to.

Now I live here, have made a home here with my own family. Over the years, I would pass people on  the street, stop at secluded areas along the coast, in the redwoods.  I continue to see those people, although never stopping to talk to them. Their faces are known, I’d recognize them if we were to meet in another part of the world. Often I will rush by these places, ignoring the secrets they have to offer.

As someone who’s been a solitary person most of his life, I find it uncomfortable to begin talking to people. With this portfolio, I have begun to challenge that barrier. I’m taking the time to stop and see the places I have walked past year after year… to stop and talk to the strangers who’s faces have become familiar… and to capture what I experience in doing so. And then, to share those feelings and experiences with those who would view my work.

I imagine this will be an ongoing body of work, evolving as I change the way I interact with the world around me.

Jim Collum’s work invokes calm and tranquility. Shooting mostly in the quiet light of the early morning, Jim uses a combination of the latest photographic technologies along with those of the 19th century to capture a beauty in venues one would pass without noticing. The work is then presented as either a traditional platinum print, or as a digital print on photographic paper.

Jim lives and works amidst the redwood forests and coasts of the traditional West Coast photographic scenery. His work is represented by the Susan Spiritus Gallery.


Friday March 1st

107 Walnut Ave.