The paintings on view at Stripe are assembled landscapes.
Originally structured around common birds, this series has expanded to more broadly
reference the local suburban landscape. The eccentric construction of these compositions allows shape, juxtaposition and fragmentation to actively inform every aspect of the images.

Essentially a reverent investigation into what we consider ordinary, these images embrace the mundane, as well as the extreme - the fragile, gorgeous collision of a landscape that exists in accordance with, and in violation of, nature.

The familiar mystery that is the human sense of inhabiting Time is, for me, a central impulse in making Art. The ambiguous narrative of these paintings intentionally alludes to the persuasive presence of memory and how we live (and fail to live) our lives in time.

Born in San Francisco, California, Miriam Hitchcock lives in Santa Cruz where she makes paintings, drawings and videos in her studio. A member of the UCSC Art faculty for many years, Miriam has also taught Art studio courses at the American University in Rome, Cornell University School of Art and Architecture and Stanford University among others. A detailed resume is available on line where you can sample the full range of Miriam's work. Purchase of artwork and/or studio visits can be arranged by contacting the artist via email.

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Friday February 1st
107 Walnut Ave.