We're excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Robin Skin Care from Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Robin Shaffran. Her product emphasizes moisturizing and healing children's skin, while protecting them with only the best and most natural ingredients. Her SPF 30+ sunscreen is formulated with green tea, an antioxidant that boosts sun protection along with oats and quinoa for soothing properties. Water resistant and gluten free, zinc and titanium dioxides serve as UVA and UVB blockers for a long lasting protection for fun at the beach! Her tear free wash and shampoo has soothing lavender, quinoa, plus coconut oil to gently cleanse and moisturize your child's skin. Post-wash, slather on her "elegant" moisture cream, packed with sunflower and safflower oils with natural lipids for a moisturizing protection. This moisturizer is also a wonderful alternative to adults with sensitive or eczema prone skin, using pomegranate extract for protection against more environmental damage. Come in and check out her great line of skin care products, gentle enough for children and adults, ranging from $12 to $24.