For me, the act of painting outdoors provides an escape from the humdrum, a respite from an increasingly pervasive culture of commodification in which we live. In searching out a quiet place, I am seeking a temporary sanctuary, a meditation, a point from which I can follow along and perhaps lose myself among the contours of nature and the play of light, of color and form. I make a few initial brushstrokes and so begins the familiar process of building up a small reflection of the world before me—a thoroughly absorbing task urged on by the gradual and changing passage of light. The time it takes to complete a piece might be a single session of four hours or may be the product of a series of sittings. Sometimes the work is finished in the studio.

Although I do enjoy working on both figurative and non-objective (abstract) paintings and learn a great deal from that process, I find there is something endlessly compelling about the whole project of taking oil painting outdoors and into the fresh air and sunlight. There is risk and unpredictability there along with the hope of discovering something hidden, and the chance to try to express, through your own lens, a sense of being there. My hope is that something of the character of these places—a visual echo tangible yet ephemeral—emerges in these pieces.

Friday November 2nd

5-8 pm

Stripe MEN 117 Walnut Avenue.