Words have often been the leaping off point for many of my images, phrases found in a song, a book, a poem, a metaphor that demand to take form in shape and color. When I am making art I allow myself to believe.  I believe in balance, justice, connection and coincidence.  I yearn to remake the world.  I want to tell the stories behind the story. I want to leave behind the wars, the princes, and beautiful brides and take up with the snakes, hobos, and the babushkas.

I have been carving, inking and printing wood blocks for so many years that I must first shovel the woodchips out of my way and give praise to my totem animal the beaver before I begin working in my studio. I love everything about the woodcut process. I love the feeling and sound when I carve the wood, when I mix a viscous pool of ink, and when I first roll color on the board.  I love the possibility of paper, the problem solving and the pace.

My recent work deals with some of the themes popularized in Jungian psychology.  Using dreams, subconscious symbolism, archetypes and myth to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition. I am interested in finding a balance between contrasting sentiment, and between seriousness and levity. The ideas always translate into woodcut.   The vibrancy of color and texture that this medium creates provides me with a perfect collaborator.

August 3rd

5-8 pm

Stripe MEN 117 Walnut Ave.