Finding myself working with a lifetime of recurring themes, the language I use to explore them ranges in a narrow continuum from abstraction to motifs of simple images for symbolic and narrative content. Whichever direction I turn, the problems and possibilities of color relationships create for me a perpetually fascinating place to work.

My titles refer to the underlying meaning of each piece—sometimes as a simple place card that reflects the interpretation back to the work, and other times more as an additional play on the same concept that seeded that artwork.

My paintings and installations are constructed of painted metal on wood and similar media that satisfy my need to be more physically engaged in my work than traditional painting tends to allow; I think that’s always been my natural way of developing ideas. My intent is to produce a fresh, unrefined texture, and one that reflects the process it took to get there.


5-9 pm

Friday August 3rd

107 Walnut Avenue.