We love this "constructive criticism" on Stripe MEN we've receive from our dear friends, that's what they're there for...right!?

"Dear Suna -

Todd and I were talking at first Friday the other night, and we had some constructive criticism for Stripe Men. You see, the way I see it, Stripe Men in its' current incarnation is perfectly setup for the wives/girlfriends/boyfriends of men, but not for ACTUAL men. Part of the problem is that there is too much selection. You see, whereas you may see an entire range of options in say, the shirt department, we men only see "shirt." Our cave-man brains just aren't equipped for this modern age with all it's options and such. Perhaps just one shirt, in one size would be better. Also, nothing is on fire in the store, and us men like fire, very much. There's also no pornography, which is strange because I believe you said the location was once a porn shop, so you would think they would have left some behind for the good of us all. A nice selection of porno mags (gay and straight of course) should be available, so that us men can take breaks from deciding whether to buy "the shirt". Oh and, maybe some rocks and sticks to beat each other with. So, to summarize:

1. Maybe 3 or 4 products in the whole store, max.
2. Something on fire.
3. Porn.
4. Rocks and Sticks.

With these minor tweaks, Stripe Men can really fulfill its' promise of being a Men's store.