In an industry where products are packed with toxic chemicals (some are even illegal in other countries), Oliver and Emily Stowe have made it their mission to create an all natural skincare line for men using fresh and nourishing ingredients to protect and care for our faces. Moving from New York City to rural Vermont, the couple behind Ursa Major understood how toxins in our food, skincare, and environments can build up inside to negatively affect our health. With a number of "organic" products available for women, they had yet to find an effective line for men.

Thus, the creation of Ursa Major, a 99.5% natural and 51.0% organic skincare line handmade in Vermont to safely care for our skin. Thicker, oilier, and with more pores than women's skin, mens skin needs special attention. Ursa Major uses non irritating and drying natural ingredients to gently exfoliate, remove oil, and clear pores from our days activities. Robust notes of spearmint, cedar, lime and rosemary lift the senses and leave you feeling clean and fresh without affecting your skins natural habits or pH balance. Their shave cream naturally softens whiskers and cushions the skin against nicks and razor burn with grand fir, vetiver, and ginger. Available in 1.2 oz. travel sizes $5, $6 or 8oz. bottles $24, $28, stop by Stripe MEN to try out their fantastic products.

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