Thank you everybody for all your love & support and for voting for us again this year. We are pleased to say we defended our title as "Best Unique Gifts" and won the gold for "Best Home Decorating." We placed as runner ups for best women's and men's clothing! Thanks again, and congrats to all the winners!

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Home Decorating / Unique Gifts:Stripe

You know the curiosity shops of old? The ones that are spelled shoppe, run by wise old men with frazzled white hair and always seem to have the most whimsically unusual trinkets and gewgaws displayed appealingly like so many truffles in a confectioner’s window? Stripe in Downtown Santa Cruz is a little like that. Maybe not so much the grizzled old man part, but the part where unique knickknacks draw you in and you want to buy everything you see. With a well-edited mixture of baubles, candles, and other decorative accoutrements—big and smalle—Stripe remains the go-to spot for locals looking for something more creative for their home decorating needs. Stellar gifts are aplenty here. Keep perusing. And to the ladies operating this unique hotspot—Suna Lock and Dana Norrell—good job on keeping the store’s look and inventory always “fresh.” Visit 107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 421-9252, | LP