Print & Pattern

Prints & Textile Design by Ruby Geisler

Friday April 6th, 5-9pm


As a print maker and textile designer I obviously favor repetition--tedious yet glorious repetition. I readily spend vast amounts of time tending to all the little details involved, mechanical and precise. My "hand" or mark-making style is looser, wilder, more impatient.I enjoy painting fast, vibrant watercolors. I'm compelled to repeat the same brush strokes over and over, almost manic at times. With this collection of hand-colored surface pattern designs and relief prints I'm returning to that natural impulse and process, freeing myself from  the confines of my computer (home to many a textile designer). I seek a pleasing balance of symmetry or space within a pattern, but I also want to let the colors run and wander in each motif. My favorite thing about textile design is that I can love a print for purely aesthetic reasons. In this case, I let pure enjoyment of painting and coloring guide my work.