Why hollow wooden surfboards?

Born from a passion for surfing, the ocean and the environment, Martijn and Tyler started building their own boards to marry these elements together. They made a conscious choice to avoid toxic foam and polyester and started working with wood, experimenting with traditional and modern board shapes, fine-tuning construction methods and honing their wood-working and shaping techniques.

Custom made by hand

Martijn and Tyler build hand-made custom boards, wooden hand-planes, and other wood products. Each product is unique and is built to last.

Building for the future

Whilst the boards are still coated in Epoxy resin, the wooden construction method produces very little waste: almost every piece of scrap wood finds life elsewhere, the saw dust is collected and recycled and Martijn and Tyler are actively researching and testing less harmful cloths and resins. Recycled wood boards are in the works for the future and fortunately there are promising developments with bio-based resins so that an entirely environmentally safe production will be possible in the future.


Friday November 4th, 5-9 pm

Stripe 107 Walnut Ave.

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