[caption id="attachment_3197" align="aligncenter" width="295" caption="The Systems Three Way Jacket"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3198" align="aligncenter" width="238" caption="The Dugan Pea Coat"][/caption]



We love the Fall styles that have come from Brookyln based Spiewak, a company founded in 1904  making coats for dock workers, which later became the premier uniform supply co. for the Army,and Navy in WWI and WWII, and still supplies the LAPD, Chicago, and NYPD police departments.  Still Spiewak is best known for their street wear they continue to make while still using all of the technical sophistication seen in their uniforms and parkas. With waterproof Tekora shells, breathable cotton and nylon linings in great cuts and styles, Spiewak offers something for everyone and every style!  We're thrilled to be carrying this great American company, where technicality and function meets style. Stop by to check out the Fall styles from Spiewak!