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88 Orange's sweet fresh blossom scent embodies the simplistic lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and agriculture that is Orange County. Their name, referring to the ideal size of an orange picked for market epitomizes the areas natural agricultural beauty, and "homegrown appeal". One whiff of their fresh scent  infused with lilac, citrus, tangerine, and water lily and you'll feel like you're walking through orchards of oranges and fresh flowers.

The line was created in 2007 by Andy Drakeford and Heather Artukorich. Between the two of them a collection with hints of euro-chic and California casual came together, 88 Orange. Their mouth watering fragrance can be found in their wonderful natural prodcuts. Spritz on their Eau de Parfum $55, before brunch with the girls. Light their Soy Wax Candle $32 to brighten up your space, even on the gloomiest days. All of  these can be found at Stripe.

You'll fall in love all over again every time you use one of their divine citrus creations. Stop by Stripe to pick up any one of their products!