First Friday Jamie Drobnick

Friday May 6th, 5-9 pm


Artist Statement:

My prints are a reflection of the poignant challenges having Lyme disease brings to my daily life and how confronting the reality of imperfect health can be transformed into images of splendor. To escape these difficulties, I am greatly influenced by fond memories of travel and a constant search for future adventures. My imagery embodies the world that flies through my head like a fleeting freight train: visiting my history, coping with the present, and yearning for prospective voyages. The practice of printmaking offers the ideal outlet to present these diverse influences (e.g., hometown cow pastures, the ongoing battle with Lyme, and crumbling temples of Cambodia) in a diverse range of organic textures, graphic icons, and delicate lines of reticulation. The color palate of natural tones along with the aged appearance of many of my pieces helps to represent a history, the ever-changing record of my life. The extensive process to create each print combines creative discovery with science and experimentation, each layer of ink revealing the intricate convergence of realities and how my imagination alters these truths.

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