Stripe Featured Artists

Below is our hand picked selection of Artists who have shown there work in the Stripe Store. They were chosen for their talent, innovative work, and dedication to the local art scene.


April 2009: Serena Mitnik Miller

May 2009: Ann Alstatt

June 2009: Rachel Wolf

July 2009: Hilary Scardino

August 2009: Jane Harlow

September 2009: James Collum

October 2009: Suna Lock

November 2009: Gilberto Barba

December 2009: Laura Vollset


January 2010: Rachel Wolf

February 2010: Nadja Petrov

March 2010: Roberta Lee Woods

April 2010: Rosey Lakos

May 2010: Elise Mahoney

June 2010: Andrea Rich

July 2010: Jim Bourne

August 2010: Beth Shields

September 2010: Danielle Rahe Fox

October 2010: Katie Kramer

November 2010: Lisa Hochstein

December 2010: Michelle Stitz


January 2011: Cahill Wessel

February 2011: Peter Saporito

March 2011: Best of Stripe Show-5 Featured Artists: Jane Harlow, rosey lakos, Serena Mitnik Miller, Andrea Rich, Lisa Hochstein

April 2011: Barbara Bailey Porter, Landscapes

May 2011: Jamie Drobnick, Lithograph and Print Making

June 2011: Stacie Willoughby,  Poster Art

July 2011: Crystal Birns

August 2011: Terry Mcinerny, Crochet

September 2011: Dana Norrell, Abstract Paintings

October 2011: Sarah Lesher, Prints & Etchings

November 2011: Ventana Surf Co: Hollow Wooden Surf Boards

December 2011: Elissa Kline: Photography

January 2012: Marlies Hoevers: Cement and Mixed Media

February 2012: Brian Rounds: Paintings and Drawings

March 2012: Victoria May : Mixed Media

April 2012:

Ruby Geisler: Textile & Surface Pattern Design

Michael Kahan : Prints and Etchings      Stripe Men 117 Walnut Ave

May 2012:

Daniella Woolf : Encaustics

Justin Angelos: Collage Mixed Media

June 2012:

Stephanie Martin : Woodcuts & Etchings

Gina Tuzzi: Drawings and Paintings

July 2012:

Sarah Bianco: Paintings

Thieves Co.: Group Show

August 2012:

Mimi Cahalan: Constructed Paintings

Bridget Henry: Woodcuts

September 2012:

Celia Lara: Photographs

Stacie Willoughby: Paintings

October 2012:

Mark Yanowsky: Paintings and Woodburn

Lisa Hochstein: Collage

November 2012:

Brian Rounds: Plein Air Paintings

Emily Lalande: Photography

December 2012:

Sarah Lesher and Michael Kahan : Collaborative Print Making

Marlies Hoevers: Cement and Mixed Media

January 2013:

Andrea Rich, Woodcuts

Cahill Wessel

February 2013:

Miriam Hitchock

Crystal Birns, Gary Maricich, and Rob Knight

March 2013:

Donna Bourne

Tyler Speas

April 2013:

Rain Jordan

Jamie Drobnick

May 2013:

Jane Harlow

Janina Larenas

June 2013:

Sasha Turrentine

Lucas Elmer