Being blessed by these gorgeous days of sun and warmth, it feels like Spring is in the air. Meaning that yes again, it is time for Spring cleaning. However, that doesnt mean you have to get rid of everything and start anew, this year why not trade out the old for beautiful new treasures? Redecorate your home, begin your planting, and get out and have fun! Our new gorgeous items from Sakai are the perfect things to get you excited for your "Spring Cleaning". Bring out your bike, clean it up, snazz it up with one of Sakais vintage inspired brass bells, with just the flick of your finger everyone will know you're coming! Give your house a new art installation with these gorgeous porcelain keys, inspired by old skeleton keys, each one of them is a mini work of art. Hang them in a row, tie one around your neck, give them to your friend, the possibilities are endless! With the Spring fast on its way, get rid of those old rusty garden tools and trade them in for these beautifil Saikai spades. Available in two sizes, these spades are sharp and ready to use for your biggest Spring plant-a-thon. Dipped in a glossy orange they wont get lost in the leaves and will stand out amongst the rest of your toolbox.                       

No more dreading Spring cleaning and re-arranging once you have these amazing items to help get you started and inspired! All available at now at Stripe!