"Into The White"

Art by Peter Saporito

There's something very intriguing about photographing people, places and situations in their natural state. I feel that if I shoot the subject as it is, then the emotion and rawness will come through the photograph.
A lot of what I do is just have a subject or an idea in mind, work on composition and exposure and then shoot. Any feelings the photograph provokes, no matter how simple or obscure, comes from the subject and that is what completes the process.
Most of my photographs are shot using a Minolta 35mm manual camera on good old-fashioned film. I finally started to embrace the digital world instead of running from it. I prefer the rawness of shooting film on a manual camera, but digital offers me some conveniences and options that film can't. The bottom line is that it doesn't really matter to me if it's film or digital—it's documenting life that keeps me going.
Every single picture, custom glass frame and finished piece is made by me, each one an individual work of art.
—Peter Saporito

5-9 pm

Stripe 107 Walnut Avenue