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First Friday Art Show:
January 7th 5-9 pm
Cahill Wessel

"Aloha From Hell"

cahill tricer

Cahill Wessel is a local Santa Cruz artist.
"My art is derived from this crazy little world we live in.  There are buildings, people, and mountain ranges exploding all over the place, and at the same time people are making babies, the sun is shining, and the palm trees are swaying above a Jimmy Buffet convert. We are constantly surrounded by our wildest dreams, our worst fears, and our highest hopes and aspirations.  Technology is advancing at a rate beyond imagination, and that which once seemed impossible is now within reach.  My work strives to explore our modern circumstance.  I hope to create snapshots of imagined scenes or situations in which modern trends, struggles, and accomplishments are intertwined within the life of a fictional creature or character.  I intend to create spaces in which the past, present, and future struggle for attention while the end is here for lunch."


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Join us for the opening reception on January 7th, from 5-9pm
We look forward to seeing you all!

Catered By Alfresco, located in the kiosk in front of Pacific Wave
downtown Santa Cruz.