IMAG0107What's not to love about a gorgeous leather bag, hand sewn out of old leather jacket that were probably going to get thrown out or donated? The way that humbug reuses old jackets, skirts, and pants inspires us to rummage through our own closets and start cutting and sewing. Incorporating the original pockets, zippers, pleats, and buttons into the bags, each one is as unique and different as the jackets from which they came. Humbug also lines each purse with gorgeous different patterned fabrics and materials adding  a little bit of feminine touch! All these gorgeous hand made bags come in varieties of colors, from black to chocolate browns and beige or chestnut, with messenger, over the shumbug 1houlder, or braided straps! And as a Stripe Exclusive for our customers, bring in an old leather jacket you (or someone you know) don't wear anymore, and we will get it made into a humbug purse for you, and save $20 off your own custom creation!!