fighting eel dc prudence dress

lily jae scarf

Fall is definitely the largest season in fashion.  It's the introduction of new collections, and great pieces that carry your wardrobe into Winter. Think back to school, sweaters, scarves, silks, wools, argyle and plaid.  Stripe is so excited for our up and coming shipments from all of our favorite lines and the introduction of  new companies to our lineup.  Expect to see many beautiful and classic pieces, great basics, and lovely layering tunics, long johns, and silk dresses and panties. Expect new great pieces by Dear Creatures, Cameo (Southern California), Fighting Eel (Hawaii), Covet (Canada), Lily+Jae (Canada), Lex (Santa Cruz, CA), Spiewak, So Charlotte, Good Society Denim, and great accessories and jewelry, and handbags by Pink Studio and local designer Nuala.  Pair these classics with great leggings and  vintage boots from Stripe or Melissa oxfords.  Expect to see tons of lovely vintage leather jackets, camel coats, and classic cowboy and riding boots.  Be sure to check out all of our amazing Fall finds!