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Who: Andrea Rich, woodcuts

What: First Friday Art Tour featuring Andrea Rich alongside a fundraiser for local organization Kid Quest,and yummy appetizers from Hawg's Seafood Restaurant.

Where: Stripe, 107 Walnut Ave. across from 99 Bottles and next to Soif.

When: Friday June 4th 5-9 pm

Why: Why Not! Come enjoy some drinks and appetizers, while supporting local artists and organizations.

Andrea Rich


"Patterns In Nature"

My work explores texture, pattern, color and composition as it applies to my medium.  Woodcut prints captivated me while in college and have held my interest since.  The constraint of having to carve all the images first gives the prints a strength unique to block printing.  Working with flat color or space in juxtaposition to complex pattern or texture as well as my preference for off center-balanced composition relates my work to the Japanese tradition of Ukiyo-e prints.  I follow my interests in regard to subject matter.  Birds and wildlife with whom we share our world as well as the habitats they live in seem most fitting subjects especially now in a time of environmental upheaval with so many species on the brink of extinction.  My work contributes to the artistic record of life at the beginning of the 21st century.

 To Learn more about Andrea rich you can log onto www.andrearich.com


Kid Quest

The mission of Kid Quest is to help make adventures, community programs, and friendships more accessible to children and young adults with special needs in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Kid Quest provides after school and weekend events, which create social opportunities for friendships to begin, and support activities, which may lead to life long hobbies. Our hope is that every child who participates in a Kid Quest event will leave with not only a new experience to share and a story to tell, but also the memory of having had an adventure in the company of friends.

On Friday June 4th 10% of ALL SALES will be donated to Kid Quest. An additional 5% of all sales of children's toys, clothing, and gifts will be donated to Kid Quest.

To learn more about Kid Quest you can log onto their website www.BALANCE4Kids.org