We have been carrying Boom Boom cards since day one. These two enthusiastic women approached us, begging for us to be apart of their revolution. We quickly jumped on the opportunity and have been revolutionizing with Mary Beth Campbell and Helene Scott one deck at a time.  It's a game of pay it forward. You choose a card, and then you must commit this random act of goodness.  Then you pass your card on to another person.  You can track your card on their website, boomboomcards.com.  Boom boom cards range from opening the door for someone to giving five genuine compliments. We carry both the teen edition and the original decks, for only $10 a deck.  These women have great plans in the works. Expect new decks and a family edition to be out soon!

In the meantime, check out this article on these two fabulous local ladies in the Good Times.

boom boom