Local girl, Alexis Meschi, loves to sew.  Mother of three, she started making clothing for her daugthers, and experimenting making stuff for herself.  Inspired by clothing found in stores, she would go home and cut up her closet,  and piece it back together to recreate new masterpieces.  She reuses a lot of materials from great bargains from thrift stores and pre existing clothing. She loves designing and sewing beautiful and simple clothing. At Stripe we are carrying lovely t-shirt dresses, t-shirts, and drawstring paper bag skirts.  Her designs are simple, understated, and lovely.  She hand dyes her fabrics, and works with the most delicious palette.  No project is too difficult, and she keeps expanding her wardrobe with new fun frocks, each dreamed up and meticulously executed.   Her work is not only beautiful, but drips quality.  You can really see her heart behind each garment.  Alexis' quote, "You don’t need money, status or influence to create something of beauty or substance. You need heart."

We hope that you love her work as much as we do!

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Be sure to enter to win a Stripe vintage key necklace and a Lex original garment! Check out her blog for details.  Hurry, it ends March 24th!

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