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As we excitedly pass our first birthday, the Stripe store has seen endless changes. We continue to carry new product and clothing with our different departments constantly changing and expanding. For the Spring  season the store is bursting with color from pastel vintage pumps, bright floral dresses, and brilliantly hued scarfs and tea towels;  to pink and cream pearl collars and jewelry, rose and verbena soaps and lotions, and our blooming back wall.                                         

We're ready to welcome Spring with great new garden accessories,  including floral patterned trowels, scissors, and hammers from Wild & Wolf  along with glass lanterns and spools of twine from Roost.  The addition of delicious bubble baths,  perfumes, and soaps by Tokyo Milk, with the sweet scent of 88 Orange's "blossom" fabric softener are carrying us gently into Spring. And with Prom around the corner the store is flourishing with luxuriant vintage dresses heels, hair accessories, and clutches.

For those of you who cant experience the Spring cheer first hand here are some shots of whats new at Stripe, otherwise stop by and welcome the new season with us!