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Bholu/boll-loooo/adj.  1. descriptive of naive and free artistic expression 2. a term of endearment and affection towards a small child. Origin: Katchchh, Gujarat, India.

The amazing Bholu products are brought to life by the hands of traditional Indian artisans. Each piece is hand made using ancient techniques, giving each product its own unique and original personality. By using their traditional skills, the artisans gain an income, hence independence and opportunity.

Bholu is a Fair trade company and Climate Neutral Company and proceeds go back to the women and their communities, along with funding education facilities and other programs for underprivileged children 

Building anganwadis (pre-schools) for underpriviledged children, giving the artisans who hand make these products independence and income anre just two reasons that make Bholu products so great. Anyway, what's not to love about these unusual handmade creatures? Their bright colors and funny look bring endless joy, and are made with a cause in mind.

Their cute creatures like "Quinton" the giraffe, "Marjorie" the duck, "Frederick" the elephant, and "Felix" the frog, are just a few of the great stuffed animals inspired by the chuildrens drawings from the Anganwadi's.

Stop by Stripe to pick up your Bholu, or give them as a gift to the youngster in your life. ($52-$60)