The weather is perfect: sunny, warm, and slighty breezy.  Looks like Santa Cruz is finally getting that taste of Fall we all look forward to.  We were blessed with a rain this week which has left the town smelling delicious and looking fresh and clean.
Stripe is happily welcoming Fall with a new back wall color: Murky Khaki Green, new window displays, and new product!  Every Season we look forward to looking through our sketchbooks to find inspiration to bringing Stripe a facelift with a fresh image.  For Spring we had a rich coral backdrop, then a stunning teal for Summer.  With Halloween and Thanksgiving on their way, it was time to unveil Stripe's new Fall Look.

Hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do!  We look forward to sharing our future designs and creativity with you guys! Thanks for all your loyalty and support!


Here is a look at  the process:

 fall 2009 002








fall 2009 004








fall 2009 017