The First Friday of each month we host the work of a local artist here in the store. For the month of September we will be showing the work of talented photographer James Collum!
James Collum Ad

Who: James Collum hosted by Stripe Design Group
What: First Friday Art Viewing and Stripetini's
When: Sept 4th Friday 5-9pm
Where: Stripe - 107 Walnut Avenue (Next to Soif and accross from Walnut Ave Cafe)
Why: Why not!? Great Crowd, free drinks, amazing art, this amazing email, so many reasons!
Come in and check out his Industrial Series (taken locally in Moss Landing and Davneport) ! Here's what he has to say about the inspiration, labor, and getting the final product...

"For many years, my focus was on the natural landscape, always trying to remove the viewer from the hand of man. For some reason, this doesn't quite ring truth in me... since in many cases the images felt separate from the reality around us. So I began to expand my vision from what the world was, as well as what I'd like it to be... to the reality around me. Once I opened my mind to this, I began to realize that there is beauty and nobility to be found in the vistas created by man. It was on a trip to Ankor Wat in Cambodia that I realized that most of what I had been capturing with the Industrial and Urban images, were archeological scenes of the future. After our civilization fades, then there will be towers of concrete and steel left behind, possibly disappearing into the wild as those ancient Cambodian ruins have. Most of the images were captured digitally. The cameras and technology have allowed me to capture detail that was previously only available with very large format film. The prints, however, are done with a combination of the latest technology, and some of the earliest photographic techniques. Long before silver became the metal of choice for prints, Platinum salts were used. It was the first and second World Wars that removed Platinum as an economically viable method for printing. Now, if one wishes to print with Platinum, the chemistry must be mixed, and then brushed onto fine watercolor paper. This emulsion is only sensitive to Ultraviolet light, and as such, an enlarger cannot be used for printing. A negative the same size as the final output print must be used, and placed in contact with the coated paper, and then exposed under a high intensity Ultraviolet light source. The method I use for printing combines this process with the new inkjet technology. From the captured color image, I create a negative that will be used in the Platinum process. For the 11x14" prints, the negative will be 11x14". I then strip the black/contrast/detail information out of the file, and print only the color information onto a sheet of watercolor paper. I then coat this paper with liquid Platinum emulsion, and allow it to dry. I then place the negative in registration with the color information and expose the sheet of paper. It's then developed like a traditional Platinum print is. The result is a depth and tonal range that cannot be created using just an inkjet printer. The colors end up being mute, giving the scene a timeworn feeling. This process is very labor intensive, and as such, each image created is different from the previous one."

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