Monday was the first day back from Christmas. It was lovely, brisk, but sunny.  We went to Palo Alto to pick up our lighting for the store from a great man named Richard who had recently taken them out of a gallery (found via the Craig, of course).  Then, with Dana reading the mapquest directions, accidently lied to Suna, and before we knew it we were already another 10 minutes out of our way--- towards San Francisco!  We then made up at least three excuses why our time would be valuable in San Francisco, and continued to our favorite: The Mission, 16th and Valencia.  We first had to have a Tikka Marsala, then went vintage clothing shopping, and visited a couple of our local shops.  We found a fabulous Saks coat, lovely skirt, really cute black dress, a few pairs of great pumps, and a little taupe bomber jacket! 

On the way back from SF we stopped at Ikea and picked up our very few last pieces that we need as store fittings.  We are transforming dull into delicious, and making our own window platforms for our window displays. 

This week: Celebrate 2009, have all of our vintage danish chairs reinvented with new upholstery, burn designs into leather belts, order more pretty shoes, choose our amazing accent wallpaper, and make fabulous jewelry!

The Countdown begins until we have 107 Walnut: 31 days!

And until Stripe is open for the complete shopping experience: 71 days!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to bringing you all something new, exciting, lovely, and fun!