Well, cat's out of the bag!  

Stripe is officially been announced to the public.  Today we were in the newspaper!  Although this day is full of gray and rain drops, a glimmer of sunshine was in our office between the stack of Santa Cruz Sentinels, page B7.  Stripe was written up in an article today, discussing our move into our retail space at 107 Walnut Avenue, February the 1st.  We are very excited to get the early coverage on our venture, and I'm sure Santa Cruz is excited to hear about us coming their way!  


Looking forward to you all coming to our "visual feast" where "you want to spend time and take home something from the experience."  haha

And of course, Suna and I have a celebrity - awkward smiles during our photo shoot and interview on Tuesday.

We can only hope that our picture is as stunning next time 'round. Hopefully we will not disappoint. :)