[caption id="attachment_244" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photographer Kelly Vaillancourt working her magic"]Photographer Kelly Vaillancourt working her magic[/caption]

Goodtimes Weekly is featuring Stripe in its Fashion Week edition out on August 6th 2009.  In this issue there will be a special ad inviting you to our Stripe Label Launch Party on August 13th. At the event there will be a grand prize drawing for one lucky winner to receive everything you see in the ad! Pick up a copy and win!

 Photo shoot for Goodtimes :

After purchasing my double shot latte in the gorgeous Abbey Lounge with an oatmeal raisin cookie on the side, I walk around the interior to take in the scenery. Have you been to this place? Tucked away in the heart of Vintage Faith church on Mission Street,  the Abbey Lounge is a beautiful escape from your average coffee house. Mainly because of it's size: large and spacious, yet cozy. While inside, I met the second designer featured along side Stripe in the Fashion Week article, Matt Clevenger of Apples and Band-aids and Adoni T-Shirts, a sweet man in his twenties who plans to give half the proceeds from his newest t-shirt line to "empowering lives to provide infrastructure, healthcare, education, business start-up assistance, and skills training to third world communities."

[caption id="attachment_243" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Dez touching up her make-up by Peggy at Butterfly Aesthetics"]Dez touching up her make-up by Peggy at Butterfly Aesthetics[/caption]

As I venture to the outside patio (where the photo shoot will take place) I meet the two female models that will be in our clothing,  Dez and Sarah. These girls may be new to modeling but you wouldn't be able to tell it from the looks of them. The photographer starts by giving Dez pointers on how to hold her body, but quickly realizes they aren't needed - she's a natural. Sarah's first green tank she has on sets off her pale skin perfectly.

The shoot is going great. The girls make it through a couple of fitting hiccups and a noisy watering of the plants with ease.  As the lighting changes by way of the ornery sun, we find ourselves changing background quite a few times. In comes baby Jackson with his smiling mother and everyone stops to greet him. Cute babies always get the attention of women, don't they?

After a couple more shots the shoot is done. Everyone has made good friends with each other and we all plan to keep in touch. I can't wait to see the issue in print!
[caption id="attachment_245" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Mother and Baby, Jackson"]Mother and Baby, Jackson[/caption]