Today I went on a lovely jaunt up to the city.  It was gorgeous, clear skies and warm! Already off to a good day in SF. I set off  to pick up the most fabulous mid century neon sign for our upcoming venture: The Stripe Store.  It says "8 out of 10 people who pass this sign need new heels!" It will be absolutely perfect for the store window.  After all, it must be a scientific fact.  I heart science.

Stripe Design Group has been working for about six months on opening a retail business that will be linked with the current design business.  The retail boutique will finely curate home furnishings (eclectic, but mostly focused on mid century and danish), home decor/accessories, clothing, shoes, children's, jewelry, paper goods, and giftware, both new and vintage.  It will be every woman's dream; you can leave the store after purchasing a stunning pair of stillettos and a gorgeous new dining table!  Every six weeks, a new artist will be cycled through the lovely space.  We are focused on home made, and new and upcoming artists and designers, and really well-designed, beautiful products.


Our focus has been: A touch of modern, a twist of retro, and  a collection of utterly beautiful artifacts.


After mapquesting where our new sign was, it was an amazing surprise that it was only one block away from our favorite thrift store in San Fran.  Unfortunately I did not have my partner in crime by my side today, but I forged into the treasure trove alone.  I found a sweet little vintage navy leather clutch, a lovely set of salt and pepper shakers, and the most lovely purple piece of luggage!!  

Grabbing each item off the shelf and piling them in my basket, the vision of the store slowly gets puzzle pieced together in my mind...piece by piece.  As I am happily shopping away, I know that Suna and G are picking up an entire Danish Dining set to furnish the dining area of the store.  Rest assured.  The thought warms my heart as I find a pretty scarf that can be made into a lovely throw pillow.


Not only did I buy that amazing neon sign, the next mapquest stop was in Hayward where I bought a GORGEOUS jewel encrusted crystal chandelier, just dripping with elegance.  A very friendly man climbed the ladder to take it down from his mother's ceiling... and all I could think was, "It's only one step closer to the vision of having a bouquet of chandos streaming down from the ceiling!"


After shoving the chandelier into my truck of handpicked confusion, what would look like a flea market to anyone but Suna and I.  We have 2 brains overflowing with insane ideas that we just need to execute in our store.

Once we have our space, which should be in our hands by next week (fingers crossed), we can finally begin to slave over the visions, and make them a reality.


Until next time. I must go tend to this tiny little orange kitten, Jet Figther, that's sound asleep purring on my lap.

How much do I love my life?