Last night our amazing cash wrap was dropped off.  We dragged our 2 million pound cash register off the back seat of my car (where it has been for a week) into the studio and put it on the surface of the cash wrap.  The vision of a store is really becoming a reality.

I went to sleep... dreaming of every square inch of the store: clothing, accessories, window displays, art, cupcakes.....

Have I mentioned we are looking for someone who bakes cupcakes to have them on our beautiful candy-store scale at the register? 

Today was a great day! I drove up to San Jose to meet a fantastic woman named Trista who is a clothing rep. Outside of a Starbucks we wheeled her clothes railed over under an awning, out of the drizzle.  She set up all of the Spring season, and let me pick through the racks and choose my favorites!  While placing the orders for Spring delivery, a Mister Starbucks know-it-all manager reprimanded us for solicitating (even though we WERE not).  We both laughed and honestly couldn't believe he wanted to have a power trip over all the lovely clothing sitting in the parking lot.  Oh well. I placed 3 orders, and was on my mary way. 

Starting to get excited-planning all the colors for Spring, and really seeing the store more and more in my mind.  We have already placed orders with Ashley Watson Handbags and will having Sunhee Moon as soon as she knows her Spring colors!  

Next stop on my journey: Palo Alto. Reason: to  I pick up a lovely little teak danish end table. After arriving at my destination...knocking and knocking... and finally peering into the window to see a lady in her robe running down her stairs.  After opening her door full of apologies for forgetting her appointment with me, she said she was acting all tough because she had just hung a "NO SOLICITORS" sign over her door bell.   Regardless the fact the transaction took place with her in her robe, I left her house one table richer.

Next stop: San Mateo. Reason: Lovely Danish "Surfboard" Coffee table.  After sneaking through this womans backyard (with permission), I played Tetris and got this enormous, heavy table in my little Corolla: From trunk all the way up into the front passenger seat.  :) Success, a friend to ride home with me.

After the journey I had to stop for a taco, I think it's officially a tradition.

Home, and waiting to dress up in my furs and lacy hat to go to the Auction in search for some more treasure.

Until next time,