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Have a favorite Tokyomilk fragrance? We're clearing out our stock of bottle perfumes! Come down and pick up a spray perfume at 30% off! (Originally $30)

"Sleeveless Days" Photographs by Meg Venter at Stripe



In winter 2011, photographer Meg Venter moved from San Diego toBoston. She found comfort in pictures of California. Venter spenthours remixing her photographs to create sun-soaked pieces for herstark loft. With the encouragement of many friends, she began sellingprints of these bold images as the boutique line “September Wren.”

Blissful and sometimes melancholic, September Wren designs have beenspotted in Rue Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Daily Candy, as PapyrusGreetings, and in Business Insider.

Sleeveless Days is a nostalgic celebration of Santa Cruz, CA, whereMeg currently resides.

Friday August 2nd

5-9 pm

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Crane & Sail




We're so excited about our first shipment from Eureka based designers Crane & Sail. These playful skater dresses are a collaboration between artist Sarah Lesher and boutique owner Marcy Bruce. The dresses are all hand printed and sewn in Marcy's Eureka based shop. Perfect with a pair of kitten heels (or Magubas!) we love their flirty skirt and fitted top for a Summer night out! $142


"Land of Refuge" Work by Nick Vargas at Stripe MEN


Nick Vargas was born and raised in Santa Cruz and started tattooing 15 years ago.

Nick currently still lives in Santa Cruz and tattoos at F U Tattoo.

Friday July 5th

5-9 pm

117 Walnut Ave.

"Points on Time" Work by Scott Laumann at Stripe

POT 3 5x7


Place is latitudinal and longitudinal within the map of a person’s life.  It is temporal, spatial and personal.  A layered location replete with human histories and memories, place has width and well as depth.  Having returned to the U.S. after living in Germany, and having moved several times in the past 5 years, I have become increasingly aware of my desire to connect to a specific location.  Working with raw materials from my local landscape and visually interpreting it represents a starting point for understanding my environment.  The awareness of my immediate physical surroundings marks my current time along a continuing path.


Scott Laumann began his career as a freelance illustrator upon moving to San Francisco in the mid-90′s.  He quickly gained recognition, completing numerous commissions for Time, Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, GQ, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Dow Jones, the Grammy Awards, Warner Brothers and Netscape among others.  His work has been recognized by and selected into multiple juried shows and he was selected by Print Magazine as one of the top 30 New Visual Artists in 2002.  Over the past decade, he has lived and worked in Spain, Philadelphia, Orange County, Minnesota, San Diego, Germany and San Francisco.  He has shown in several galleries in the U.S. and abroad.

Scott works on a project by project basis, letting the concept or idea determine the medium.  His current work investigates patterns through process — those resulting from repetitive action and ritual, specifically created by natural means over time.  His goal is to identify shapes and forms that “highlight” a framework existing beneath what is visible, to suggest structure from what may appear as chaos.  Responding to these patterns, often on specific sites directly, has led him to experiment with multiple, overlapping disciplines including painting, ink block printing, video, installation and “drawing” with elements found in nature.

He currently lives in Napa, CA with his wife Alicia and daughter Paloma.


Friday July 5th

5-9 pm

107 Walnut Ave.

New at Stripe - LACAUSA

[caption id="attachment_4738" align="aligncenter" width="483"]Dad Tank, $88. Dad Tank, $88.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4739" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Viscose Drawstring Maxi $120 Viscose Drawstring Maxi $120[/caption]

We're loving this new Los Angeles based brand Lacausa. Simple silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and a clean but edgy aesthetic make their pieces perfect style additions to your wardrobe. All of their items are easy to mix and match. Pair a black slip with their sheer viscose drawstring maxi, or wear their oversized "Dad" tank top with a lacy black bra and skinny jeans. Each piece is made in the USA and nothing is over $120! Come see what Lacausa has to offer for Summer at Stripe!