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"Cut to the Chase" Works by Kathryn Clark at Stripe

Kathryn Clark lives and works in San Francisco, California. She has a background in urban design and project management for several firms including Calthorpe Associates in Berkeley. Her art explores current events and classic themes using fiber as a medium. Kathryn’s Foreclosure Quilts have been exhibited throughout the United States...

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Woodcuts by Andrea Rich at Stripe

 I first became inter­ested in wood­cut prints as a stu­dent at the Uni­ver­sity of Wis­con­sin in 1971 when I was intro­duced to Japan­ese Ukiyo-e prints. Their ele­gant com­po­si­tions and intri­cate sur­face tex­tures inspired me to explore the medium's many pos­si­bil­i­ties for design.   Wood­cuts can be bold or sub­tle, crude or...

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First Friday November at Stripe MEN

  William Hines grew up in the Los Angeles area and was exposed to black and white photography through his dad. Largely self-taught, Hines claims no formal education in photography. Though he enjoys the process of taking photographs with the pinhole camera and developing and printing his own photographs in a darkroom, William offsets this laborious...

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Landscapes in Watercolor by Sally Wittman at Stripe

  Though I’ve been painting for under ten years, my entire life has been spent in some type of creative work:  first there was architectural design, followed by textile design (weaving, fabric printing and some quilting), then a long career in writing (and sometimes illustrating) children’s books. Painting doesn’t really feel that different from my...

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