Stripe Maker Series: In the Garden with Pompelmo Floral

We drove a few miles up the Santa Cruz coast to visit Lindsey's garden, where she's been growing specialty, organic flowers. Watch the video to see her beautiful garden and find out what's next for Pompelmo Floral.

Join us at our pop-up with Lindsey on Saturday, July 21st from 12-4pm.

Stripe Maker Series: Crafting Ceramics With Jonas Davidson

We visited Jonas’s Santa Cruz studio where he showed us how he makes a mug from start finish. He’s very precise, and the whole thing is incredibly mesmerizing. 

He’ll be having a pop-up with us at Stripe MEN Saturday, July 21st from 12–4pm. Join us!



An Interview With Our July Artists

This upcoming month for our July First Friday we have a photographer and a printmaker. They are both experts in their differing fields with unique backgrounds that brought them to where they are today - Stripe and Stripe MEN. Let me introduce you to Trey and Bridget.

Trey Roberts

Growing up, what did art mean to you and how did you find yourself drawn to creating? Where did you start diving into your medium?

Growing up art was always a fun outlet, I started skating at a young age and loved the artwork on skateboard decks and skateboard culture. It got me into drawing and trying to recreate photographs in magazine i would read. I started diving into photography at a young age and throughout high school. I picked up a camera again in 2014 with a renewed sense of purpose and an idea of what i wanted to accomplish as a photographer.

How were you trained and who/what are some of your influences?

I learned from trial and error. Shooting film is an expensive way to learn and experiment. But it is also very rewarding. I was first influenced by skateboarding and photographers like Spike Jonze. My influences range from the great photographers like William Christenberry and Eggleston to contemporary photographers like Jason Lee.

What do you find yourself being inspired by lately?

Lately I am inspired by the everyday stories that people carry with them. On a recent road trip through California I met a number of people whose stories are fascinating. I love to spark a conversation with a person and get to know them before I start photographing. It makes me have a better understanding of how to photograph them and gives the photo a back story that will give it more meaning.

What is something that gets you out of the house to go shoot some film? 

Some things that get me out of the house to shoot some film is the sense of adventure and the spontaneity of it all. I like to pick a part of town I have never explored and just drive there and then get out and walk. I might find a scene that speaks to me, meet someone with an amazing story to tell, or I might end up with nothing. But it’s all fun. Shooting film helps me understand myself better, and also helps me connect with the people and places of my community. I want to help share stories while I am out shooting.

Bridget Henry

Growing up, what did art mean to you and how did you find yourself drawn to creating? Where did you start diving into your medium?

Growing up I loved reading and particularly loved Grimm Fairy Tales and their illustrations. My brother’s and I were encouraged to draw and paint and we had an endless stack of recycled paper to create on. Like most kids I had a pretty big imagination and loved trying to recreate with drawings what I saw in my head to try to make it more real. I really began to dive into my medium when I was a art student at UCSC where I was taught woodcut printmaking. When I first carved a block of wood and printed from it I felt an immediate affinity with the process. My image ideas and style were a natural fit and I have been working in this medium since then.

How were you trained and who/what are some of your influences?

I was a student at Cabrillo College and first took intaglio printmaking from Howard Ikemoto and then transferred to UCSC and learned about woodcut printmaking from Paul Rangell. Some of my influences are Swoon, William Kentridge, Artemio Rodriguez, medieval woodcuts, and fairy tale illustrations.

What do you find yourself being inspired by lately?

Lately I have been inspired by stories of resilience and strength in the face of personal and political obstacles. I am inspired when I read about the tiny tardigrade that can survive extreme conditions of heat, cold, air deprivation and radiation and the mushrooms that can clean up oil spills.

How do you feel you have changed or are changing as an artist?

In the last few years I have begun to explore working with stop motion animation. I am using my prints, paintings and collages as the material for these pieces and learning more about how to incorporate sound and most recently trying to write some text to go along with these videos.

Stop by Friday, July 6th from 5-9 to see Trey and Bridget's debut. We will be serving up drinks, and donating 10% of our sales and 100% of our tips to Santa Cruz Boys and Girls Clubs. See you there!

Meet Kit Eastman and Joe Uglyeye — Our June Featured Artists

Kit Eastman

“God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.”
– Robert Cunningham-Graham

Most of my life has been lived in the company of horses. They feature in my memories, so in my imaginings, so in my art. Mankind has commonly portrayed the horse as a symbol of power and authority. I prefer to see horses as individuals, as a source of comfort and joy. It is my hope that this is reflected in my work.



Joe Uglyeye - Neon Summer

Hello everyone I’m Joe Uglyeye, born in Mexico and raised in Pajaro, California. I am currently a student at Cabrillo College majoring in Studio Arts. My goal is to learn as many art processes that I can. I love to learn and to push my artistic skills and talents in any medium I can get my hands on. Learning about different art forms (e.g. Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Design, and Small Scale Metals) has taught me not only to be resourceful, but also to appreciate that there are many ways to get a project done.

I’ve recently quit my full time job in order to focus more on my art and school. Diving in the pool of uncertainty I’m chasing a dream that I hope will bring me more happiness. Having said that I present to you my series titled “Neon Summer”. This work has elements of things that make me think of summer, or are inspired by the people around me. The color palette I’ve chosen are bright fluorescent neon colors, some of the paintings focal point differ when color lights illuminate them, and also some have glow in the dark paint mixed in for pizzaz.

May Featured Artists

We have two incredible artists in the shops this month. If you haven't stopped by to see them yet, there is still one more week. Here is a little about Jodi and Dan, May's featured artists.

Dan Wysuph 

Dan Wysuph is a local Santa Cruz artist. His work can be seen in everything from playing cards to tote bags to framed masterpieces. As a tattoo artist by trade, he spends his days at O’Reilly’s Tattoo Parlour in Santa Cruz. An acrylic artist and a global celebrity in the tattoo world, we are honored to have his work displayed in Stripe MEN this month.

With children at home, he has been spending long hours revisiting the books and games that he loved as a kid, as well as discovering new artists working in the field of children's illustration. Because of this, he’s had the opportunity to reconnect with how much he loved these images and he is excited to explore this realm himself.

When asked what sparked his interest in the tattoo industry, Dan explained, “Tattooing really reached out and chose me when I was 17, to put it cosmically. I was immediately obsessed from the first time I set foot in a shop. I started getting tattooed the day I turned 18, and by 20 was working in a shop.”

Dan has recently been writing and following his love for storytelling in all its forms. He used to write more when he was younger and is exercising this muscle he hasn’t used in a long time. He is enjoying getting back into it, and we are all waiting on the edge of our seats to see what he comes up with.


Jodi Lyford

While having family deeply rooted in the Santa Cruz area, Jodi Lyford was raised in a small farm town in the Cascade Mountain Range. Camping was her parents idea of a vacation and living intertwined with the local landscapes, flora and fauna became a source of curiosity and creative inspiration from early on in her life. After graduating high school Jodi moved around Northern California continuing her education while maintaining her traditions of connecting with nature and exploring new landscapes and the living creatures that inhabited them. After years of exploring different avenues for her creative energy she found herself re-visiting her love of drawing as she was enchanted by the tattoo realm.

“Under the Southwest Sun” is inspired by a late Summer road trip. Eight National Parks in 7 days. Camping with their dog Bandit, Jodi and Jesse explored desert landscapes, hot springs, towering cacti, white sands, red rock and countless new plants and animals. Stopping at roadside attractions along the way displaying beautiful handmade jewelry, pottery and rugs... taking in the incredible canyons, dense cactus forests and awe inspiring pastel palette of the painted desert. All while settling into the overall slower pace of wide-opened space.

This series was created in the hopes of inspiring the desire to travel, to connect with nature, to reflect upon a vast landscape and to be humble enough to hear its wisdom and be grounded by it.  Let us be reminded that we are not separate from Nature, nor are we superior to it. To support our National Parks and truly appreciate how incredibly lucky we are to have them.

Meet our April Artists

We are so excited to have work by local artists Brian Rounds and Louise Leong at Stripe this April for First Friday. With our community outreach focus on the Diversity Center of Santa Cruz, we hope to warm your heart after this cold March rain with a classic Stripe cocktail and community from 5-9pm. Read below to find out a little bit more about our artists formative years, process and inspirations!

Louise Leong

When did you start painting?
I began painting with gouache in the last year. Because of my background working in screenprinting, I usually plan out my prints in flats of opaque colors. I'm able to compose my gouache paintings in the same way but I started thinning my paint with so much water that I'm using them like a traditional watercolor.

What is the most indispensable item in your collection of your tools and mediums?
29 cent Astrobrite scratch paper pads from Darco Paper (on Doyle Street) and a chisel tip Prismacolor Illustration pen. I make thumbnail sketches whenever I am working on a new paint marker art piece. Over the last three years I have probably made over 200 drawings using Darco scratch pads and these pens. In the end I actually like the thumbnail sketch better than the final piece for the character they have.

What about Santa Cruz inspires you?
I'm inspired by store regulars, seeing people pass through my neighborhood or work neighborhood and knowing their schedule, and seeing familiar people all around town at their jobs. It's comforting to see so many familiar people all the time and develop relationships to them in whatever capacity. And so many people are artists here! In the morning, our mailman, Juan, drops off the mail and from time to time will show us a photo of the designer cake he made the night before. In the afternoon, I stop by the hot dog stand for lunch and to talk to my friend Daniel who takes art classes at Cabrillo and we discuss painting. I'm inspired by people and feeling connected to them because we're all working through the day to keep at our other passions.


Brian Rounds

Growing up, what did art mean to you and how did you find yourself drawn to practicing it/making it a career?
Growing up, I was one of those kids who was constantly sketching in the margins of school notebooks. Recognition from teachers early on was encouraging. By late high school I was carrying around a sketchbook almost everywhere and trying to make every page well designed. Fellow students would try to get me to complete their art projects for them. I would illustrate stories in ball point and meticulously catalogue cassette tapes with copious attention to detail cover artwork.

Tell us about your training and influences.
In college, I started out in literature, then design, and wanted to be an illustrator.  My professors at Cal Poly could not satisfy my hunger for drawing so they prescribed for me a much more rigorous studio art curriculum. At UCSC, I was lucky enough to study with Patrick Aherne, who had a gift for instilling in his students a great love and respect for painting. That was where I first tried my hand at painting the landscape outdoors. I also practiced freelance illustration for a while but it was painting in oils that really took hold of me.

Some of my deepest influences go way back to old friendships, mentors and fellow artists. Other artists I find endlessly inspiring are Cezanne, Barbizon painters, Corot, Courbet, Morandi, Ab Ex painters, Diebenkorn, and many more.

What do you find yourself most drawn to in painting?
With painting, I feel as though I've taken on a challenge that I will never be able to truly exhaust and that notion spurs me on today just as it did when I finished school. In a way, I have kept a steady course but there is always so much room for improvement as a visual artist, as a craftsman, and as a person. There are also many places I look forward to painting.

Mickey Ta at Stripe Men for First Friday Santa Cruz

Mickey Ta Photography First Friday Santa Cruz


Mickey Ta

As a photographer I enjoy capturing shapes and forms. I enjoy looking at the small features of mundane things most people pass by. Small parts are what make up the larger whole. I'm especially attracted to scenes that have just one or two focal points--the drama is in the details. Half as much, but twice as elegant.


Join us for Mickey Ta's First Friday Artist Reception
March 2, 2018
Stripe MEN
117 Walnut Ave
Santa Cruz

Cocktails will be served.

Caryn Owen at Stripe for First Friday Santa Cruz

Caryn Owen Art First Friday Santa Cruz


Caryn Owen

As a passionate artist and scientist, I have devoted my life to studying both marine biology and artistic expression. Although these topics may seem mutually exclusive, I have spent years blending both of my passions. Over the past decade, I created abstract art while simultaneously balancing motherhood and my career as a marine biology professor. In 2014, I chose to leave marine biology behind to predominantly focus on my art, design and my house full of boys (my husband, two sons, and our male pit bull!) In 2015, I launched House of Boys Art + Design to sell my abstract contemporary art inspired by the beachy modern vibe of Santa Cruz.

As an emerging artist in Santa Cruz, California, my vibrant abstract landscapes evoke the lovely shades of Northern California seascapes and beaches. In 2017, I was inspired to create paintings of the beautiful botanicals of my travels. I currently have two abstract series reflecting these two inspirations. I consider myself a colorist, focusing more on featuring intense colors rather than forms. My abstract paintings are modern, bold, feminine and colorful. As I layer colors on the canvas, my pictures tend to evolve, with each layer adding texture and depth.

House of Boys Art + Design
by Caryn Owen


Join us for Caryn Owen's First Friday Artist Reception
March 2, 2018
107 Walnut Ave
Santa Cruz

Cocktails will be served.

Ellis Hepburn at Stripe for First Friday Santa Cruz

Ellis Hepburn Art

Ellis Hepburn Art

Ellis Hepburn Art


Ellis Hepburn

Landline, a mixed media series of fifteen varied works, is a self-reflective exploration of current events using analogue mediums. Simplifying information and striving to find moments of clarity and wit, allows me to process. This series focuses on color, texture and engaging with each piece by hand using stitching, gold leaf and indigo.

Ellis Hepburn holds a BFA in Graphic Design + Art History, and an MFA in Fiber Arts / Textile Design both from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga.


Join us for the artist reception! Cocktails will be served.



Akiva Levi at Stripe Men for First Friday Santa Cruz

Akiva Levi art

Akiva Levi art



Akiva Levi

Continuum is a collection of “visual meditations” inspired by nature; an exploration of gestural line work, shape and color. Each piece stems from dozens of hand-drawn minimalist illustrations suggesting natural or imagined landscapes. The intent was to create subjective work that invites an exercise in perceptive agency and sense of relativity for the viewer. Repetition, continuity and connectedness are some of the more inherent qualities. There are also moments of resistance; when blocks of color, the edge of a mountain, or the linework that holds everything together oversteps the frame. These attributes speak to larger existential themes and how we choose to define, interpret, or contextualize what we see.

Akiva Levi is a multimedia artist born in Santa Monica, CA. He attended UCSC, receiving a B.A. in Fine Arts in 2010, with an emphasis in sculpture and installation. His body of creative work includes illustration, watercolor, hand-lettering, graphic design and metal sculpture. He is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, and branding consultant currently serving as in-house creative for Verve Coffee Roasters. He lives in Santa Cruz with his partner and very large cat.


Join us for the artist reception! Cocktails will be served.