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raen vista sunglasses giveaway 

We're giving away a pair of the Raen Vista sunglasses! To enter, here are the rules:

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Contest runs 5/18-5/21. Winners will be randomly selected on Monday 5/22. We will message the winner on Instagram. Winner must be able to pick up the Raen's from our headquarters in Santa Cruz.

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Good luck!

Just a Really Nice Shirt — Staff Pick by Nicholas


Nicholas wearing Raleigh Denim Workshop Button Down

Raleigh Denim Workshop Button Down


Nicholas works over at Stripe Men. When he's not working with us, he's finishing up his senior year at UCSC, where he's majoring in Creative Writing and Philosophy. He's been part of the Stripe crew for about nine months now, and he's our first employee feature in the revamp of our Staff Pick blog series.

What do you like about the shirt?

I really like the slim fit in the body and the sleeves. Also, the fabric is really comfortable — it's made from linen and cotton. And in the design, they really paid attention to the details like the textured buttons and the sleek front pocket. It's just a really nice shirt.

Coffee or tea?

I love both, but in my current day-to-day existence I prefer coffee.

What's your favorite place to grab coffee downtown?

Cafe Delmarette makes the best cup of no-nonsense cheap coffee. They brew either Cat and Cloud or Verve for their coffee of the day, and it’s only 2 bucks for a 12oz cup.

Who do you look up to as a poet?

I admire Sharon Olds, a brilliant contemporary poet whose work makes me weep. If you cannot help yourself from staining a book with tears, then you know the poetry is inspirational. Other than Sharon, I look up to my peers. Santa Cruz has bred some fantastic poets in the last few years, and their work has pushed me to think and write each week.

 Raleigh Denim Workshop Button Down

A little more about the brand:

In 2007, Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough founded Raleigh Denim Workshop in the heart of their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. They opened their own workshop and hired a team of skilled craftspeople to make jeans the old fashion way. Sewing, hemming, and riveting is all done in house.

4 Great Gifts for Your Mama — Mother's Day With Stripe

What better way to celebrate those special women in your life than treating them to some lovely gifts that are as unique and special as them. We thought we'd help get you inspired with some of our beautiful Mother's Day cards and unique gift ideas to show how thankful and grateful you are for your mama.


1. Card, Flowers & Something Extra

You could go simple with a beautiful card and flowers, or go a little more bold with some URB Apothecary products and a linen pouch. If your mama is into all natural products, these are the must haves. Plus, they're made right here in Santa Cruz.


2. Lovely Kitchen Goodies

For the mom who loves to trying new recipes, we have a range of amazing cookbooks in-store and online. Paired with one of the beautiful wooden cutting boards Suna brought back from Texas, you've got yourself a truly inspiring gift.


3. Garden Love 

These forged iron tools are perfect for the mama who likes to spend her time outside in her garden. Durable, functional, and really cute when paired with our wooden carry-all. 


4. Go All Out 

If you're looking to splurge a bit more, we've got some great things that can be separate or paired together like the Vssel leather tote and Sandgrens Clogs. Both are handmade and of wonderful quality.

Mother's Day is just around the corner — what are you getting for Mom?

Brian Rounds at Stripe Men First Friday

Brian Rounds Painting

Brian Rounds 

Artist Statement

Art has the power to instill within us a sense of belonging. I grew up in the Bay Area where rapid suburban development resulted in a dichotomous landscape — places of commerce and consumption intermixed with patches of land left somewhat wild. While "the grid" provides certain benefits, the trails, creeks, and forests of the foothills present something indispensable — a respite from the culture of commodity, and a much needed contact with the ancient and nameless. My landscape paintings offer a sanctuary, a meditation, a point from which one can follow along and perhaps lose oneself among the contours of nature. So begins the process of building up a small reflection of the world before me —a  thoroughly absorbing task urged on by gradual and changing passage of light. Through the act of painting outdoors, I hope to express the unique and mysterious pull that landscape holds when we feel connected to it.

We're excited to have Brian's work at Stripe Men. Join us for art and cocktails at our First Friday reception on May 5th, 5–9pm. 

To view more of Brian's work, visit brianrounds.com.

Shannon Belardi at Stripe First Friday

Shannon Belardi painting

Shannon Belardi

Artist Statement

My recent work has been an exploration across three mediums — drawing, painting, and printmaking. In my paintings, the surface is developed by pouring puddles of solvent and pigment on the canvas and later going back into the work with opaque marks. In my drawings and etchings, value is created through a process of accumulated marks organized in a soft ground of abstract grids and spectrums. I work cautiously to preserve specifics areas of the paper or canvas to create controlled environments for my mark making. I often use photographs as a starting point and later abandon source material in order to abstract the images from memory. My work references recent photos that I have taken while spending time in the rural areas of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University in 2015 and currently live and work in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We're excited to have Shannon Belardi's work at Stripe. Join us for art and cocktails at our First Friday reception on May 5th, 5–9pm.

To view more of Shannon's work, visit shannonbelardi.com.

Bringing wilderness into art and into your home — An interview with Coco Barrett-Tormey

 Coco Barrett-Tormey

We got the chance to talk to Coco, the amazingly talented ceramicist behind the mountain and cactus mugs. In the interview below, she tells us how she got started in ceramics and where she finds inspiration.

What initially got you interested in ceramics?

I love making pottery because it doesn’t go on your wall. I fell in love with an art that people connect to in their everyday lives. A favorite mug can become apart of someone’s morning ritual. I like being associated with that slow time that gears you up for the day.

All of my work is hand thrown, painted, carved, glazed and fired. Each step is affected by the always-changing weather of Santa Cruz. When its wet and cold the clay will take longer to dry and it can be a test of my patience. When it’s hot I have to move quickly to beat the clay before it gets to dry to carve or attach handles to mugs. This timing can go from slow to fast when it’s a foggy Santa Cruz morning and I put the pieces out to dry on my truck in the sun the next thing you know it’s a blue sky day and I have to rush the clay inside and cover it up with plastic hoping to slow it down. Because of this my work is a product even more tied to the world around me and Santa Cruz the home I love.

Where did the inspiration for the cactus and mountain designs come from?

I’m a backpacker. My designs are based on the many wilderness area of California. As Californians we are spoiled with mountains, desert, and ocean. There is infinite inspiration in the landscapes around us.

Now I see the wilderness in a whole new way. I see a rock in the desert and wonder how I can get that pink blue ombre on a mug. I see mountain range and wonder about recreating the shapes of the peaks and valleys.

Mountain Mug by Coco


Santa Cruz has a thriving community of artists and skilled makers. How has living and working here been for you?

I always struggled with calling myself an artist. It takes a lot of confidence to claim. In Santa Cruz it helps that everyone is an artist.

I split my studio space on the west side with a sign painter and surfboard shaper. My partner is a sculptor and printmaker and works on campus (UCSC) in the Art Department. My housemates are musicians and bike mechanics.

Someone is always high on a new idea. The other day I was shouting in the shop excited about trying something new. We help each other stay inspired.  

What do you do when you’re not making ceramics?

Surf // summer bbqs // walk a dog // eat good food with friends

How do you find the balance between making art and running a business? Doing what you love versus doing it as a way to make money?

I feel busy in every moment. 

You have a big and loving following. Did you see this coming or were you surprised?

I think people are deeply moved by their time outdoors and want to bring it into their homes. I like helping with that.

What advice would you give artists or ceramicists trying to launch a career in this field?

Trust what you love.


You can shop Coco's mugs with us in-store and online here.

Follow Coco on Instagram.

First Friday Santa Cruz at Stripe Men: Amanda Payne

Amanda Payne Art

Artist Statement

Amanda Payne is a painter, textile, tattoo artist and performer native to Santa Cruz and is terrible at writing about herself. More of her work can be seen at F U Tattoo or on her website velvethammertattoo.com.

You can also see her on stage monthly with Sin Sisters Burlesque.

She is available for custom work, feel free to contact her at velvethammertattoo@gmail.com

First Friday Santa Cruz at Stripe: Kate Jaffe


Kate Jaffe taught herself weaving and spinning from old library books. Her first loom was a redwood frame loom she built with her mother but she now weaves on a Japanese floor loom and other small looms she makes with retired fence wood. She enjoys the entire process of creating fabric - from the smell of the boiling dye pot to the texture of the finished tapestry.

Crafting is the dark, sweet bread of her life. With the rest of her time she teaches Ethnobotany, Directs a Wilderness Survival and Peacemaking program for children, bicycle tours, forages, and catches glimpses of birds outside. Her inspirations are Haiku, tea, awkward pauses, mustaches, perfectly ripe stone fruits, watching dogs meet, well cooked rice and the life cycles of salmon and ants.

Kate teaches weaving, spinning, and bookbinding at her studio on the West Side of Santa Cruz.

Caryn Owen at Stripe


Artist Statement:

As an emerging artist in Santa Cruz, California, my vibrant abstract art and giclee prints evoke the lovely shades of Northern California landscapes and beaches. I consider myself a colorist, focusing more on featuring intense colors rather than forms. My abstract paintings are modern, bold, feminine and colorful. As I layer colors on the canvas, my pictures tend to evolve, with each layer adding texture and depth. All of my paintings represent the vibrancy, style, and modernity of the Santa Cruz scene. I am inspired by trends in fashion, decor, Northern California style and always the ocean. 

See more about Caryn and her work at her website.

Caryn Owen's paintings will be up in the shop for the month of March.

Danny Shimoda at Stripe MEN



Artist Statement:

I grew up exploring the wild places of California, from the rolling oak savannas of my native Santa Barbara to the high Sierras and redwood coasts. After earning a degree in printmaking at UCSC I have spent the last few years working with plants as a farmer and gardener. My time working and living in rural spaces has deepened the relationship between the animate, other than human world and my art practice. This body of work, featuring endangered flora and fauna of California, is heavily influenced by my Japanese ancestry, traditional Japanese woodcuts, and my love for the increasingly fragile world of native plants and animals.

Danny Shimoda's work will be up in the shop throughout the month of March.